Hello! Annie here with a bit of news and a bit of fun.

Bern and I are in the midst of recording our upcoming single.┬áIt’s a knees-up, with whistling, sixties-style “bup-ba-da-dah” sections, two key changes, Bern singing and me impersonating a trumpet (or perhaps a chicken). It also lends itself to comical onstage ad-libbing and a good old audience sing-along. The King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donnegan, has perhaps been more influential on us than we hitherto realised:

The single will be out in late October, and we’ll be out and about from late November, touring Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and further locations to be announced. We’ll keep you updated here, but you might also like to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You’ll find extra stuff on both of those, when we have too many bits and bobs to include in these blog posts, or something very short notice.

This photo HAD to be included in today’s post though. We were very honoured recently when one of our very supportive and creative fans put her heart on her sleeve. Awww!

Fan denium jacket art