THIS FRIDAY February 20th we’re returning to The Thornbury Local! We’ll perform 2 sets, mixing our romantic vintage-pop originals with hits made famous by Lulu, Sandie Shaw, Petula Clark, The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Troggs, The Kinks and many more 60s British greats! We’re on 9:30-11pm. Entry is free, and the kitchen is open 6pm-midnight.

In the meantime, here’s our first video! It’s a live performance of our original song, If You.

Hello my Dear Readers! I do so hope you are all having as wonderful a day as I am. It’s Autumn with me and what a lovely Autumn it is proving to be! I have been having a small after-dinner snifter on the Chichester whilst listening to this song ‘Have I The Right’ by The Honeycombs. It is pure 1960s up-beat Brit-pop and is therefore being hurriedly added to our set-list. (Annie, order more hyphens, please. I’m going through them at a great rate of knots.) The bass player does a superb pre-emptive Austin Powers impersonation, and the wonderful Honey Lantree on drums is simply divine (Oh my!).
Apparently Honey worked at a hairdresser’s and therefore the band’s name is a bit of a pun and we all know there’s nothing wrong with that!
Enjoy Dear Readers, enjoy! – Bern.