Hello! Annie here with a bit of news and a bit of fun.

Bern and I are in the midst of recording our upcoming single. It’s a knees-up, with whistling, sixties-style “bup-ba-da-dah” sections, two key changes, Bern singing and me impersonating a trumpet (or perhaps a chicken). It also lends itself to comical onstage ad-libbing and a good old audience sing-along. The King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donnegan, has perhaps been more influential on us than we hitherto realised:

The single will be out in late October, and we’ll be out and about from late November, touring Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and further locations to be announced. We’ll keep you updated here, but you might also like to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You’ll find extra stuff on both of those, when we have too many bits and bobs to include in these blog posts, or something very short notice.

This photo HAD to be included in today’s post though. We were very honoured recently when one of our very supportive and creative fans put her heart on her sleeve. Awww!

Fan denium jacket art

Hello all. ‘Tis Annie with a joke, an invitation, an announcement and a picture.

Joke: I’ve posted a vintage-style joke of entirely my own making to entice you to our new Twitter page at https://twitter.com/annieandbern

Invitation: There’s a fab gig happening in Melbourne this Sunday afternoon, August 30th. Lisa Crawley is performing a house concert style show. Her songs are 1960s pop influenced and delightfully original. Find out more about the show, watch one of her videos and get your tickets here and come and say hello if you see us in the audience!

Announcement: Not many people know this, but we perform at WEDDINGS! We have a set of originals and two sets of romantic, warm, vintage covers. Get the good oil in this Vintage Bride Q&A session or go to https://annieandbern.com/weddings

Picture: I’ve been recording with a bunch of mods! The Sons Of Mod asked me to fly to Adelaide to sing on two tracks on their upcoming album. One is a cute, early sixties pop duet and the other is a psychedelic expanse including backward guitars backed by mutli-layered me! We’ll post details when they’re released, but in the meantime, here’s my suitcase of mod travel gear carefully selected to create a good impression!


Hello! Annie here. This post is a little collection of things we’ve been up to, listening to and watching. If you’re into vintage style or music, there’s a good chance you’ll find something of interest, and we’re up for a chat if you have any comments!

TV: If you’re staying in THIS SUNDAY NIGHT July 26th (and you’re in Australia) you might like to catch some top telly on ABC TV at 8:30pm. Inspector George Gently is a police show set in North East England in the 1960s, with all the vintage style, Geordie charm and historical issues you’d expect from such a setting, as well as timeless drama and heart. Series 7 has just aired, and so it’s back to series 3 this week, but the jumping about doesn’t matter that much as each episode stands up on its own anyway, aye pet.

Music: I was chuffed a few years ago when I found this video of my favourite Beatles song being performed by my favourite contemporary musicians, Miles Kane and Alex Turner. As The Last Shadow Puppets, they’ve masterfully covered a lot of 1960s songs and composed plenty of originals influenced by sixties styles. Their 2008 original album, The Age of the Understatement, has a great sound. Speaking of covers, I recently discovered that The Beatles covered a lot of songs themselves, especially on their first few albums. It’s nice how songs go around and around. What’s your favourite Beatles song? Do you have a favourite cover of a Beatles song? Do you have a favourite cover version performed by The Beatles? A friend told me that his favourite Beatles song was a B-side, You Know My Name Look Up The Number, which was quite a revelation. We’d love to know your picks.

Photography: As you might’ve seen in our blogsite header, we have new photos. When our friends, Dallas and Simon, heard we were looking for a 1960s-style setting, they generously invited us to use their lounge room and kitchen nook. THANKS Dallas and Simon! The photos were taken by Kelli Morris Photography. We highly recommend Kelli if you need group, portrait or wedding photos. She gets a good bunch of shots in a short space of time, gently directs you, and makes the whole thing a light-hearted adventure …as you’ll see in our next post!


Hello my Dear Readers! I do so hope you are all having as wonderful a day as I am. It’s Autumn with me and what a lovely Autumn it is proving to be! I have been having a small after-dinner snifter on the Chichester whilst listening to this song ‘Have I The Right’ by The Honeycombs. It is pure 1960s up-beat Brit-pop and is therefore being hurriedly added to our set-list. (Annie, order more hyphens, please. I’m going through them at a great rate of knots.) The bass player does a superb pre-emptive Austin Powers impersonation, and the wonderful Honey Lantree on drums is simply divine (Oh my!).
Apparently Honey worked at a hairdresser’s and therefore the band’s name is a bit of a pun and we all know there’s nothing wrong with that!
Enjoy Dear Readers, enjoy! – Bern.