Jokes, Lisa Crawley, Weddings and Mods

Hello all. ‘Tis Annie with a joke, an invitation, an announcement and a picture.

Joke: I’ve posted a vintage-style joke of entirely my own making to entice you to our new Twitter page at

Invitation: There’s a fab gig happening in Melbourne this Sunday afternoon, August 30th. Lisa Crawley is performing a house concert style show. Her songs are 1960s pop influenced and delightfully original. Find out more about the show, watch one of her videos and get your tickets here and come and say hello if you see us in the audience!

Announcement: Not many people know this, but we perform at WEDDINGS! We have a set of originals and two sets of romantic, warm, vintage covers. Get the good oil in this Vintage Bride Q&A session or go to

Picture: I’ve been recording with a bunch of mods! The Sons Of Mod asked me to fly to Adelaide to sing on two tracks on their upcoming album. One is a cute, early sixties pop duet and the other is a psychedelic expanse including backward guitars backed by mutli-layered me! We’ll post details when they’re released, but in the meantime, here’s my suitcase of mod travel gear carefully selected to create a good impression!


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