1st Birthday and 2015!

Hello! Annie here. Saturday December 12th was one year since our first gig! I’m taking this as a cue to divulge our plans for 2015, and to reflect on our first year’s adventures.

In 2015, we’ll be putting on larger-scale, vintage-focussed events. You’ll see people dolled up and hear 60s pop hits and plenty of ORIGINAL music. We love keeping vintage style alive by celebrating it with new creations. To stay informed by receiving our blog posts as emails or by following us on Facebook, you’ll find buttons for both in the right-hand column of our News page.

We’ll also be performing at more private events. If you’d like to book us for a party, wedding or conference, or have us serenade your sweetheart, take a look at our Weddings page. We see performing for special occasions as a great honour, and we’re looking forward to doing a lot of it in 2015!

On reflection, our first year had many, varied highlights:

Releasing our debut album Here Comes The Love was a significant milestone, and it gave us a much clearer sense of our own sound.

Winning The Roddy Read Memorial Song Writing Award and its prize of a Cole Clark guitar has spurred us on in our song writing and may lead to a 2nd guitar being added to our instrumentation.

The unexpected opportunity to write a commissioned piece for a video game trailer was new territory for us. The creators of Real Racing 3 thought our sensibilities would suit their 1966 Lamborghini Miura release. We wrote Ooby Dooby and were chuffed to hear that the people at Lamborghini HQ really liked it.

Having genuine 60s-pattern dresses made for me by Miss Pippilotta made me feel rather like a star. I’m looking forward to future costuming endeavours with her, and you should see what Bern has planned for his own ensembles!

Vintage SuitcasesGoing on aeroplanes also made me feel like a star, even in economy. My and Bern’s co-ordinated vintage-style suitcases (pictured right) aided that effect, getting considerable attention in the boarding queues as we set off to tour Hobart, Byron Bay and The Gold Coast.

We performed at 28 events – at hotels, festivals, bars, cafes and markets – up close, on big stages, on little stages, in a round, and outdoors. We performed on radio programs too, and were interviewed and reviewed in magazines, newspapers and blogs.

We performed alongside so many talented musicians at shared-bill events! They’ve inspired us, and we’ll continue to work with talented and impressive acts in 2015.

Bern and I are sincerely grateful to everyone who has come to our gigs and/or bought our album so far. As detailed in my post The Importance Of The Album Buyer from earlier this year, your active support helps bring our music into being.

To everyone who has been supportive of us in other ways (with hospitality, media coverage, personal recommendations and introductions, playlist inclusions, accommodation, CD selling, photo-taking, mid-set water-fetching, etc.) we hope we’ve already thanked you but, just to be sure, THANK YOU! See you in 2015!


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