Waxing Lyrical in Melbourne

We’re looking forward to performing our favourite originals as part of Wax Lyrical, in Melbourne on Tuesday October 21st.

Wax Lyrical is an initiative of The Australian Songwriters Association, and is held on the third Tuesday of every month, 7:45-10pm. It aims to “provide the highest standard of songwriters possible and an enjoyable night of entertainment”. It also has an ethos of helping musicians to connect with each other in a friendly atmosphere. If you’d like to perform at a future Wax Lyrical, contact Lee & Trevor at waxlyrical@westnet.com.au

In addition to us, October’s line-up includes:
Mats Bjorklund – A Swedish-born singer/songwriter who performs his songs with a melodic voice and acoustic guitar, and who draws comparisons to Paul Simon and Neil Finn.
Patrick Evans – A singer/songwriter, guitarist and fiddle player with musical roots in the Celtic music tradition.

Wax Lyrical is held at Murmur, which is a very cosy, loft-style bar in the CBD with welcoming and knowledgable bar staff. They declare themselves to be “booze nerds of the highest order”, and enthusiastically claim “a revolving menu of rare, boutique beers and spirits, a wine list highlighting some of our favorite hand-picked Victorian vintages and a fierce pride in constantly striving to make the very best cocktails this town has on offer.”

Entry to Wax Lyrical is free. Murmur Bar is upstairs at 17 Warburton Lane, just off Little Bourke between Elizabeth and Queen. We hope to see you there!

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