Vintage Clip – ‘Have I The Right’

Hello my Dear Readers! I do so hope you are all having as wonderful a day as I am. It’s Autumn with me and what a lovely Autumn it is proving to be! I have been having a small after-dinner snifter on the Chichester whilst listening to this song ‘Have I The Right’ by The Honeycombs. It is pure 1960s up-beat Brit-pop and is therefore being hurriedly added to our set-list. (Annie, order more hyphens, please. I’m going through them at a great rate of knots.) The bass player does a superb pre-emptive Austin Powers impersonation, and the wonderful Honey Lantree on drums is simply divine (Oh my!).
Apparently Honey worked at a hairdresser’s and therefore the band’s name is a bit of a pun and we all know there’s nothing wrong with that!
Enjoy Dear Readers, enjoy! – Bern.


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  1. I do remember… very earnestly she asks the question

    Good to see you on an up swing – I hope it just keeps going and going!

    Hope the recording is working out the way you wanted.

    I’ve printed out your gig list to see what’s possible…

    Hope you’re both well

    PS tell AM not to forget my Turtles DVD (it is a good one, funnier than most

    How ’bout something from the great Lovin’ Spoonful

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