Empire BlackboardHow we love to see our name up in chalk!
As the blackboard says, we’ll be performing at Inglewood’s Empire State Hotel this Sunday December 15, 1-4pm. Entry is free.

Coincidentally, Inglewood is a treasure trove of vintage shops:

  • Inglewood Emporium, from where I’ve procured my dress and shoes for this gig, and which has 3 huge rooms of clothing, accessories, furniture and homewares
  • Sharp’s Bazaar, which has vintage collectibles spanning many eras, from Victoriana to the 50s, 60s and 70s
  • Fusspots, which has an impressive collection of vintage salt & pepper shakers, along with beautiful crockery, glassware and linen

The Empire Hotel is the first pub you’ll see on the right as you drive into the main street of Inglewood, and the vintage shops are also all in the main street. A couple of hours of vintage shopping, followed by a few hours of vintage music, could make for quite a nice Sunday, yes?

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